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Modular Plants

Triad Machines, including MEPs and ginormous Tilt/Transfer Tables, can be found in many of the most successful modular plants in North America. Explore our offerings!

Stick Builders

Let us help you with your off-site manufacturing and panelization equipment. Framing Tables, Metal Framing Machine, Sheathing Bridges, Floor Cassettes, Component Machines. Learn more!

Steel Builders

We design & manufacture machines and machine lines made especially for the needs of the light gauge steel stud builder. Offering you industry leading selection: Explore your options!

Shed & Tiny House Builders

Just because the products that you produce are smaller doesn’t mean that your dreams are! We are helping builders, like you, increase production. Learn more!

Pro Stair Builders

Whether you are an established Stair shop equipment, or are considering adding a stair building profit center, we have the machines you need. Led my our industry-leading StairBoss Pro: Explore them!

Specialty Industries

We make both the popular & dependable Triad Drawer Machine (found everywhere that drawers are assembled) AND a Pallet Table useful to those in the pallet making or pallet rebuilding industries.

We Are Triad Machines

Triad Machine: Innovative Automation. We have been transforming the ideas and
visions into award-winning projects.

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Triad Machine: Innovation Automation

Triad Machines is a company that specializes in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of custom automated machinery and automation systems for various industries. We offer custom solutions for a wide range of applications, from simple onestep machines to complex multistep automation systems. Triad Machines designs are built with the latest technologies and feature a robust construction for longterm reliability and performance.

Modular Builders

Contractor that specializes in modular construction. Modular builders provide a cost-effective and time-saving solution for residential and commercial projects.

Tiny Home Builders

A tiny home is a small dwelling that typically measures between 100 and 400 square feet, although they can range from as little as 80 square feet to as much as 1000 square feet.

Pallet Builders

The Triad Pallet Table is designed to be a low volume, “in house” production as well as multiple units, high speed and volume commercial production.

Home Builder

Professional who is responsible for the construction of residential properties, including single-family, multi-family, and condominiums.

Light Steel Builders

Light steel framing is a modern construction technique that uses thin, lightweight steel frames and panels to create strong, durable structures.

Drawer Builder

Triad’s clean, uncomplicated Drawer Machine will speed your production & give you years of trouble-free service. You will find this machine operating in facilities all over North America.

Commerical Builders

Contractor who specializes in constructing or renovating buildings that are used for commercial purposes, such as offices, stores, warehouses, and apartment buildings.

Pro Stair Builder

Professional who specializes in designing, constructing, and installing stairs for residential and commercial buildings. They are responsible for planning, measuring, cutting, and assembling the parts of a stairway.

Multi-Family Unit Builder

Builder who specializes in constructing multi-family residential units such as apartments, condominiums, townhouses, and duplexes.

Revolutionizing Building Construction with Merrick Machine and Manufacturing

In the speedy universe of development, productivity, and accuracy are essential. That is where Merrick Machine and Assembling become an integral factor, changing the scene of delivering development gear. With many years of industry information and a drive to development, Merrick Machine is a name inseparable from quality and dependability.

Merrick Machine's Legacy of Excellence

Merrick Machines and Triad Machines have been at the front of the construction equipment business since it was founded. We have made a good reputation and we are thankful for their ongoing efforts to develop innovative architectural designs. Everything from lifting and leveling tools to concrete casting solutions may be found in their product line.

Merrick Manufacturing: Crafting Excellence

Within the Merrick family, Merrick Manufacturing takes the lead in providing top-notch Building Construction Equipment accessories. The machines made by Merrick are intended to improve the usefulness and security of development hardware, from lifting connections to safe arrangements.

Commitment to Sustainability

In today’s eco-conscious climate, Merrick Machine & Manufacturing are committed to sustainability. Their gear is meant to decrease resource utilization while enhancing productivity.

When it comes to making construction equipment, Merrick Machine & Manufacturing stands head and shoulders above the rest. Their quality, passion to precision, and attention is very unique and hold to sustainability make them the go-to choice for construction professionals internationally. With Merrick Machine, your construction effort is not just labor; it’s a masterpiece in the making.

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Extensive Company Network

Triad Machines has been in business for over 60 continuous years and we are in use all over North America (as well as other parts of the world)! From Framing Tables, Sheathing Tables, Table with Steel Frame, Sheathing Bridges, Routing Bridges, Transfer Stations, MEPs, Conveyor Systems, Material Handling Solutions and MORE. . . Triad Machines makes what you need, whether it is one machine or an entire line. And for the Pro Stair builder we make the World-Beating, Multipurpose Stair Boss Pro, and a host of other specialty machines designed for the pro stair builder.

Pro Builder

What People Say About Us

Merrick machine is a top notch professional company. Russ merrick is a really awesome guy and is someone I would do bussiness with again.
William Jackson
Great place to work i love working here everyone is friendly and happy they take great care of their employees. Its like we're all one big family.
Brian McGahan
Your you tube videos are awesome! Keep up the good work!
Source Machine
Good prices and broad selection and if they don't have it they will find it. Worked with Daisy for many years and she always found the stuff I needed.
Nick Kruzel
Southern Carlson
Great customer service!!
Josh Atchley
Monarch Windows & Doors
In a time that customer service is lacking in the US, it is extremely refreshing to find people and companies that reinforce the "customer centric" mentality and they should be recognized.
Ricardo A
Excellent service. Smooth service & fast delivery at a low price.
Bryan D

Triad Machine: Innovation Automation

We have been transforming the ideas and visions into award-winning projects.

What People Say About Us

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