Triad Machines

Our Team Leader: Russ Merrick

Triad Machine Company is the maker of The Auto Dolly product line as well as the “Merrick Originals” line of tools for automotive restoration and repair.

The company was originally founded by Jim Merrick in 1961. It was established to manufacture a new line of highly automated and specialized machinery for home builders. The company having proved extremely successful, began a diversification program into the plastic business in 1972. As the company grew and developed it was incorporated into various divisions. Our Team

Our Team Members

Maria Delgado

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Parts & Service Department Mgr.

Daisy Green

Office: Coming Soon
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Senior Account Executive

Josh Paczosa

Office: Coming Soon
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Account Representative

Lowell Tuma

Office: (308) 384-1780 ext 126
CELL: (308) 379-4726

National Sales Mgr.

Lanny Morris

Office: (308) 384-1780 ext 133

National Rep Development Mgr.

Brad Pattison

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