Mobile Diamond Quad Framing Table

You’ll find many of the same features on the Mobile Diamond Quad as on the popular stationary Diamond Quad Framing Table. However, there are also several unique features: The center tube structure doubles as an air compressor tank (powering the pop-up roller conveyors, even in the field). You no longer have to haul material over the road and set-up time is accomplished in minutes.

The framer has a telescoping hitch system that pivots up and out of the way. Four down riggers are dropped and locked into position during framing. When in transit, the down rigger legs are held up by pins. The frame is made of steel pipe to eliminate the frame flexing, if not on level ground.


  • Electrical Standard: 110 Volt, 1PH
  • Air Requirements: 1/2 NPT, 10 CFM
  • Note: Not D.O.T. approved for over-the-road travel. We recommend trailering it to the job site and then taking advantage of its mobility, in the field.
*Specifications subject to change without notice.

Video Demonstration Mobile Diamond Quad Framing Table


  • Wall Height (Standard): 6’9″ to 10’3″
  • Wall Height (Tall Wall option): 6’9″ to 12’3″
  • Wall Lengths: 16’ (Standard) to 24’ (XL)


  • Tool Dolly options
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