The Econo-Framer is our most economical motorized framing table, redesigned to take advantage of the newest manufacturing methods, and suitable for plant or job site usage. 

It has one fixed side and one motor-driven adjustable outrigger side. Standard wall heights range from 6’ 3″ to 10’ 3″. The optional tall wall Econo-framer (pictured) has TWO motor-driven outriggers and can build walls with heights ranging from 6’9″ to 12’3″.

Air-activated pop-up rollers allow easy roll off of the finished wall panels.

Both versions are available for wall length maximums of either 16’, 20’, or 24’. Should you require even longer wall length maximums, or rail mounted tool dollies, consider our popular Diamond Quad Framing Table.

No factory installation is necessary with the Econo-Framer. The machine has leveling shoes on each leg to ensure quality operation of the wall framer on almost any hard surface.



  • Electrical Standard: 110 Volt, 1PH
  • Air Requirements: 1/2 NPT 10 CFM at 90PSI
*Specifications subject to change without notice.


  • Wall Height range (Standard): 6’9″ to 10’3″ (single outrigger)
  • Wall Height (Tall Wall): 6’9″ to 12’3″ (dual outriggers)
  • Wall Lengths: Available in one of three lengths: 16’, 20’ or 24′


  • Standard or Tall Wall versions available
  • Your choice of three maximum wall panel lengths (16’, 20’, or 24′)


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