XPL Panel Lift

Triad’s XPL Panel Lift family comes in a variety of sizes and weight capacities. For use with your overhead crane or fork lift. (For lifting steel wall panels, see our XPL-S Panel lift for Steel.

The XPL-1000 can lift panels from 7’ to 12’ wall heights and has a weight capacity of 1/2 ton. The constant sizing feature allows the panel lift to be put into place without pushing and pulling by the operator. The ease of one-person operation increases production with less operator fatigue. When moving empty, the lift holds its size, always ready for the next panel.

XPL Panel Lifts can also be made to accommodate other weights and sizes. Call or use our Quick Question form to ask for details!

XPL Panel Lift


  • Range: 7’ to 12’ wide (XPL-1000)


  • Under-Carriage Waste Conveyor (transports the waste from cuts from under the machine for more convenient clean-up.)

Video Demonstration of XPL Panel Lift

Photo is of the new light weight panel lift
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