ProFusion Bridge

The ultimate sheathing bridge, for precision, versatility, automation, and SPEED! The industry is sitting up and taking notice of the incredible Triad ProFusion Bridge. It is so popular that we are often building sold units two or three at a time. Why? It’s FAST and accurate. Six separate high-capacity nailing tools (front side and back side) intelligently divide the work using our exclusive Rational Synergy program. The operator easily lines up the studs using the LIVE Video Assist & joystick controller. 8 servos move the tools and the bridge itself. The bridge is guided by a track, which is squared to the table. Each stud can be nailed in just 2-4 seconds. Auto-nails window openings, top & bottom. Can also be run in Autonomous Mode (no operator at the controls)!

ProFusion beats “the world’s fastest sheathing table”.

ProFusion Bridge
"The Profusion bridge is by far the fastest wall sheathing bridge on the market today. It can nail a twelve foot panel in two minutes regardless of the openings. It can be programmed to nail OSB, EXP, as well as R9 ZIP sheathing to your own specifications. It is our goal to make sure the Profusion Bridge never stops nailing a panel. Triad has been a great company to work with. Responsive, attentive to our specific needs and on time."
Jared Powell, VP of Operations
Component Manufacturing & Reaves Building


  • Electrical Standard: 120 V, 1 PH, 30 AMPS
  • Air Requirements: 100 PSI @ 10 CFM
  • Motors (8): Servo
*Specifications subject to change without notice.

Video Demonstrations of ProFusion Bridge


  • Multi-Tool – Twin Gantry – Servo Controlled
  • Auto-Sizing, Configurable Spacing for Plate Fire
  • 278% more air tank capacity
  • Auto-tilting of nail guns for seams
  • Auto-positioning of nailers, at 16″ & 24″ OC
  • Easily set “rules” for YOUR nailing profiles
  • Vertical axis servo control, for wall thickness changes
  • Laser sensors for material detection
  • Network compatible


  • CAD/CAM Control
  • Handles Horizontal & Vertical Sheathing**
  • Handles Staggered Sheathing**
  • Can be retrofit to Triad Gen II Tables**
**Triad EXCLUSIVE features
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