A Triad MultiBridge gives you TWO gantries with your choice of combined functionalities. So many great options! And the MultiBridge can be made to fit most Triad Framing Tables and/or Squaring-Sheathing Tables.

For example: A wood-timber builder might choose a Trident Bridge on one gantry, and a Router Bridge on the second gantry. That means the ability to nail the sheathing onto the studs, with three high-capacity nail guns & then (on the return trip) route out the window/door openings with the Router Bridge side. Automatic PlateFire guns are also available, adding a THIRD functionality to the MultiBridge. (PlateFire automatically nails the plates at your choice of nail spacing).

Other options: We have had builders purchase a nailing bridge on one gantry, and a panel stapler bridge for the second gantry – offering them versatility in fastener choices or sheathing material choices.



  • A variety of wall heights can be accommodated
  • Most other specifications depend upon the configuration you choose.
*Specifications subject to change without notice.

Video Demonstration of MultiBridge


  • Depends upon the configuration you choose


  • PlateFire (configurable nail/screw/staple spacing of sheathing to upper and lower plate, as the bridge returns to the Home position.)
  • See our individual bridges for bridge-specific information
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