Lateral Transfer Station

The Lateral Transfer Station will accommodate two parallel lines. It can convey wall panels straight across from either line or receive a panel from one line and unload it on the other. The infeed and out feed devices can be powered or manual. Powered infeed and out feed devices will be interlocked with the Transfer Table to prevent accidental unloading or overrunning.

A single start command will inhibit the unloading of a panel; the second start command will transfer the panel between lines and a third start command will set it to return automatically when completed. As easy as 1-2-3! With only a two button controller and built-in communication with our Triad Intelligent Power Conveyors, eliminating bottlenecks in your wall panel lines (and/or support for multiple lines running simultaneously) just became a reality.

Lateral Transfer Station


  • Cerebralogic Control System for simplified controls
  • Variable speed motor control
  • Two 1 HP chain conveyor motors
  • Chain speed up to 78 fpm
  • Conveyors come in 16’, 20’ or 24’ length
  • Monorail guidance system comes in 16’ increments
  • Stack-Light and position lamps for visual machine status
  • Audible horn sounds when transferring with a 3-second warning
  • Electrical Standard: 120 Vac, 1 PH, 30 AMPs
  • Air Requirements: N/A
*Specifications subject to change without notice.

Video Demonstration of Lateral Transfer Station

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