Generation 3 Squaring/Sheathing Table

Triad’s The Generation 3 Squaring/Sheathing Table is available for wall heights up to 16’ 3″ and wall lengths up to 80’. It allows you to free up your framing table for the next wall panel, while giving you a separate table upon which to sheath (and optionally, router-out openings).

This table is a perfect match for our Generation 3 Framing Table. Your wall panel is held securely and squarely during the sheathing and/or routing operations, and large, high-capacity rollers allow you to move the finished wall panel to the next station in your process.

Our Generation 3 design allows for quicker and easier installation, meaning you will be up and running, with increased production, in less time. Like the Generation 3 Framing Table, the Generation 2 Squaring/Sheathing Table offers:

  • Wider working surface
  • The Generation 3 Tables clamp the wall panels 18% faster
  • Clean out of saw dust is easier with new floor panels and slotted traps
  • Newly designed floor panels that reduce workers’ fatigue & provide a slip-resistant surface.
Generation 3 squaring Sheathing Table


  • Electrical Standard: 110 Volt, 1PH, 10 AMPS
  • Air Requirements: 1/2 NPT at 100PSI
  • Machine Weight: 6,000 lbs (for 20’L)
*Specifications subject to change without notice.


  • Wall Height (Standard): 6’9″ to 9’2″
  • Wall Height (Tall Wall): 6’9″ to 16’3″
  • Maximum Wall Lengths: Your choice – from a minimum of 16’ to a maximum of 80′


  • Power Chain Conveyor, to move even the heaviest of finished wall panels
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