A.I. Subcomponent Nailer

The Triad A.I. Subcomponent Nailer is designed to assembly standard wood wall subcomponents such as:

  • Headers
  •  Jacks
  • Corners
  • Tees
  • Els
  • Beam Pockets
  • Stud-Packs

Component type and size are automatically determined by A.I. algorithm.  User configured nailing protocol is executed once the subcomponent is determined.  The material is fed through automatically, allowing the operator to prepare the next subcomponent.  The finished component may exit one of three ways and is user configured based on the type of component.  It is constructed from heavy-duty sheet and structural steel.  Sealed linear and rotary bearings and ball screws are incorporated for the moving parts.  Sealed gearboxes and belt drives are used for power transmission.

A.I. Subcomponent Nailer 4



  • Width: 3” minimum to 14-7/8” maximum
  • Height: 3-1/2” minimum to 12” maximum
  • Length: 12” minimum to 16’ maximum


  • Two High-Capacity Nailers with positive remote-fire triggers (Customer-supplied)
  • Nail Coil tray (Supplied on Nailer)
  • Programmable Servo-Positioned nail placement

Material Handling:

  • Gravity in feed Roller Conveyor
  • 300 pounds Pneumatic side and vertical clamping
  • Power Side Compression Servo-driven Rollers
  • Power outfeed Roller Conveyor-Straight output
  • Bi-directional material diverter for side ejected completed Subcomponents

Video Demonstration of A.I. Subcomponent Nailer



  • Single-Board, Solid-state PC with Artificial Intelligence engine.
  • Servo Controller with integral I/O points
  • Wireless ethernet network
  • Solid-state cameras for A.I. Component scanning technology
  • 24-volt DC Solenoid air valves
  • Tablet touch screen


  • 120 VAC single phase 30 Amps
  • Dedicated earth ground
  • 100 PSI clean & dry air 5.0 CFM
  • Eight ½” floor anchors
A.I. Subcomponent Nailer 2
A.I. Subcomponent Nailer 3
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