NexusSteel Framing Table

The NexusSteel Framing Table for Steel Stud Framing can handle rake walls, tall walls, knee walls, balloon walls, gable walls, and more IN ADDITION to serving as a “standard” Generation 3 Framing Table. Available to accommodate different wall heights and lengths – our most versatile steel table!

With one stationary end AND one adjustable, pivoting end, (for a 0 to 12/12 pitch), this table was designed to handle: Rake Walls, Tall Walls, Knee Walls, Balloon Walls, Gable Walls (and more) in addition to serving as a (standard wall) Triad VersaSteel Framing Table. Available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate almost any commercial or residential builders requirements. Call us to discuss your requirements.

The NexusSteel Framing Table also utilizes the dependable Triad Twin Screw Dollies, with two screw guns (brand of your choosing) for simultaneous top and bottom fastening, which can be moved along rails mounted on the ends of the table. The dollies simply operate with use of a push button thats fire to fasten the stud and tracks.


NexusSteel Framing Table


  • Electrical Standard: 120 V, 1 PH, 20 AMPs
  • Air Requirements: 100 PSI, .5 CFM
*Specifications subject to change without notice.

Video Demonstration of NexusSteel Framing Table


  • Table size determined by customer needs and specifications
  • Can fasten 2 x 4, 2 x 6, and 2 x 8 material
  • Wall lengths options (table length): 16’ to 80’ in 4 foot increments
  • Standard wall heights (table width): 6’9″ to 20’3″
  • Balloon wall heights: 44’ (maximum)


  • Two Twin Screw Dollies (HIGHLY Recommended)
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