AlphaSteel Framing Table

The Triad AlphaSteel Framing Table utilizes Triad’s exclusive flippers for stud locations at 16” and 24” oc without time consuming measuring and marking. Where members such as trimmers or studs must be located, material is butted against one side of the flipper. Each arm can be depressed independently.

Adjustable squaring stops for track placement insure accurately assembled walls the first time. The swing-over feature allows use of fly-bys while maintaining zero setting.

Special leveling device allows up to 4” of adjustment. The foot has a wide base for rigidity and may be bolted to the floor on permanent installations. The frame is constructed of heavy channel, angles, and structural steel tubing. With the AlphaSteel Framer you can assemble walls up to 16 feet long. With a quick loosening of the hand-wheel you can adjust each rail from 6’10” to 14’3” for maximum wall height capacity.

No fastening mechanisms (such as tool dollies) are included, therefore, you choose your own method of fastening including weld, rivet, clinch, or screws. The AlphaSteel Framer allows for perfect alignment of wall studs and tracks. It provides a sturdy, engineered design with accurate alignment.

AlphaSteel Framing Table


  • Wall Heights
    • 6’9″ to 12’3″
      11’9″ to 16’4″
  • Table can be built to accomodate wall lengths from:
    • 16’ to 80’ (in 4’ increments)
*Specifications subject to change without notice.


  • Air-activated pop-up roller conveyor for easy roll-off of your finished wall panels

AlphaSteel Framing Table

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