Building the Modular Way

  • Celebrating 60 years in business!
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  • Celebrating 60 years in business!
  • Our Company
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Whatever your vision, we can help you execute it - and, with our experience, perhaps save you some costly mistakes that we have seen others make. With FAR more years of experience than anyone else in this field, Triad Machines should be your first call: 1-800-568-7423 ext. 126

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Triad: Experienced in LARGE Modular projects

While Triad Machines serves builders of all kinds, we have had a keen interest in helping the Modular Builder since 1974. Triad can build tables to accommodate the modular builders unique needs, in wall length(s), wall height(s), and degree of automation. Large projects might incorporated huge Tilt/Flip tables (possibly bi-directional), MEP rack stations or MEP hydraulic lifing platforms , multi-directional conveyors or transfer stations of different floor heights, floor deck systems, power chain conveyors.

Just getting started in Modular building methods?

For those just getting started on The Modular Path, our Diamond Quad tables with your choice of tool dollies might be your entry point. For the builder seeking greater automation, our Generation 3 Framing Table can be built to accommodate double bridges for Stud Stitching, & Sheathing Material Handling, while at the other end a MultiBridge might be employed - incorporating a router on one gantry and a Trident Bridge or Screw Bridge on the other gantry. This can help you to "fold time", getting more done with fewer people and fewer wasted steps. (Talk to us for more info.)

Triad's decades long experience in this field means that we've seen a lot of different approaches and can assist you in formulating (or evaluating) your own plans for maximum efficiency. As part of the process, engineered floor plans for your facility are provided. Triad Machines literally pay for themselves (many times over). The only question is: How much more time are you going to let go by before putting their power to work for your business?

Plant Layouts

As part of the service that Triad offers it's clients, we can provide you with plant layouts so you can visualize your building and it's workflow.

Whether you are starting with just one line of equipment or multiple lines (for example: one dedicated to external walls and another dedicated to internal walls) we can assist you to make the best use of your space.

Triad offers the modular builder:

  • Wall Panelization Equipment
  • Floor/Deck Equipment
  • Ceiling Equipment
  • Component Building Equipment
  • Material Handling and Staging Equipment

One example solution for Modular Builders: Triad CrossFab (80')

Merrick Machine Company TODAY

Aerial Photo of Merrick Machine Co. today

Today Merrick Machine Company is one of the members of a diversified family of companies with footprints in Alda, and Hastings, Nebraska. This diversification means that the company has successfully weathered all kinds of economic environments and will be here to take care of helping you grow YOUR business. We are proud to put our products, our people, our manufacturing, and our service after the sale to work for you and your business.